Aidan was born in July 28th, 1981 in County Kerry, Ireland. Growing up, he always loved reading books, especially those in the fantasy genre. Books on the supernatural also filled his shelves as a kid and still do to this today.

Mr. Lucid's journey as a writer began back in 2002 after having a religious experience. In 2004, he plucked up the courage to send out some of my material to magazines, newspapers etc. and seven items Aidan wrote were published that year. For the next two years Aidan received diplomas of distinction in creative writing and freelance journalism. Read more.

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Three Separate Wishes. One Twisted Nightmare!

Just like Hopps Town, their humble home, Jessica Barlow, Jared Duval, and Adrian Cole are fostering dark secrets. Plagued by loss, cruelty, and physical abuse, these friends are kindred spirits, bound by anguish and elusive dreams. They’re soon to find the key to change, but any happy future will demand they face a haunting past and brave a lethal present.
   Deep in the forest on the outskirts of town, aging and nearly forgotten, there stands a well from another time. Happening upon this relic, Adrian goads his companions to join him in making a wish. Soon, difficult though it is to admit, their luckless lives do seem to shift. The only problem is, the changes aren’t at all as they’d imagined. Seemingly, they’ve only left the pan to face the fire.
   Should they hope to both survive and thrive, they’ll need to pool their wits and draw on mystic inner-power. Solving Hopps Town’s greatest mystery now means life or death.
Darkness Comes From the Most Unexpected Places!

Following the events of, The Scavenger, we now find Jared a year later, on a two week break from college. He thought this would be a relaxing visit home then it happened, something so dark he felt a strange sense of deja-vu.
    Across town we find Reggie Danes and Zane Miller who’ve been friends for over ten years. After Zane purchases an antique pocket-watch, they suddenly find themselves being taunted by past secrets.
    Now they must band together to vanquish the demons which plague their lives. Can life ever return to normal?
    Will the darkness ever disappear?
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   A Magic Coin. A Hidden World. An Incredible Adventure!

All Henry cares about is gaming and ogling his long-time crush, Tracey Maxwell. It feels to him that the universe has granted his wishes when he stumbles upon a mysterious gold coin in his family’s garden.
    From manipulating physical objects, to getting Tracey to go to prom with him, Henry basks and revels in the power he believes the coin has granted him. Until one day he finds himself mystically transported to an entirely new dimension, a realm of war and bloodshed.
    Henry’s life takes a 180, as he is trapped in this dimension and given the responsibility in helping to save its people from King Zakarius and his bloodthirsty Sadarkian army. He must fight for the humans in this realm alongside the human king, or he stands to lose his life and his way back home.
    While Henry is burdened with this ambiguous task, he makes a few unexpected allies, from former World War II pilots to his neighbor’s cat who can now talk. Will Henry and his little troop defeat King Zakarius’s army, or will they fail and be trapped in this strange world forever?
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